New book on work-life balance for the self-employed

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Juggling on a High WireI’m absolutely thrilled to announce publication of the first book in the Dr. Freelance Advisor Guide series: Juggling on a High Wire: The Art of Work-Life Balance When You’re Self-Employed, by Laura Poole. (Available on in paperback and Kindle versions.)

As enjoyable and rewarding as self-employment can be, it’s not without its challenges—not to mention the nagging temptation to work all the time! Juggling on a High Wire helps you keep the balls in the air and your toes on the wire, including:

  • defining what work-life balance means for you, and your dreams and aspirations
  • managing your time and tasks to achieve your goals
  • working at home with babies, toddlers, or teens, and even aging parents
  • sharing space with another home-office-based spouse
  • dealing with emergencies, as well as times when you’re overwhelmed or not busy enough

Laura’s blend of easy-to-implement strategies is based on her own successful career as the operator of Archer Editorial Services and her well-known Editorial Bootcamps, as well as drawing on instructive anecdotes from fellow freelancers. She’s also a trained and certified life coach; she brings a big-picture coach approach to the concepts of life balance and connects the big ideas to the action steps suggested. This book contains lots of options and different techniques so you can pick and choose what works for you.

Whether you’re new to being self-employed or a veteran looking for ways to restore work-life balance to your career, Laura’s practical approach will help you create your own safety net.

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