New Dr. Freelance book: Help! My Freelancers Are Driving Me Crazy

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Freelancers Driving Me CrazyAs I teased at the end of last week’s post, I’ve published a second paperback book and ebook, titled Help! My Freelancers Are Driving Me Crazy, which provides relationship strategies for the motivation and management of freelance workers.

So, why did I write this book? It comes down to my experience on both sides of the desk—working with freelancers as an editor and publisher, and collaborating with clients and editors as a freelancer. It’s often a Mars-Venus dynamic, but sometimes more like Mars-Pluto. While you may still get a decent product out of a dysfunctional relationship, it decreases your odds—and your satisfaction. While you may be willing to chew through an endless supply of “disposable” freelancers, that’s not an efficient way of doing business—because you’re always starting from scratch. In contrast, the benefits of a loyal, productive freelancer continue to increase over time; and Help! gives you the strategies to create a positive partnership, whether you’re a client, an editor, or a freelancer who subcontracts work.

10% of the net profits from these books will be donated to United Through Reading, a nonprofit organization that helps ease the stress of separation for military families by having deployed parents read children’s books aloud via DVD for their child to watch at home.

If you’d be willing to write a brief Amazon review or to share the book links with your fellow freelancers or clients…well, I’d appreciate that immensely. Thanks for reading—and have a great week, no matter which side of the desk you’re on.

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