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  1. Dr. Freelance says

    Haha, don’t we all know the feeling. As Lori W. called it, “editing by posse.” Today I had an “interview with posse,” and it was incredibly irritating. Two people is plenty for a phone call.

    I use to create the videos themselves (it used to be free, now it’s a couple of bucks), and then import it into iMovie to create the title pages. Really easy–you’re welcome to email me for additional tech details if you want.

  2. Lori says

    An interview by posse? You must have been chewing on your keyboard! Lord, I think I’d hate that.

    A good reminder to have it stated in the contract that any third party input is either stated up front or voids the contract. It’s saved me on numerous occasion.

  3. Dr. Freelance says

    @Lori, I think I’m actually going to write a post about the interview with posse, because it is a necessary evil with one of my custom pub clients. Thanks for the comment and the tweet!