Freelance Follies: Can you just wordsmith it a bit?

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Freelance Follies Episode #4: “Can you just wordsmith it a bit?” Because, as our intrepid freelancer finds out…sometimes, “wordsmith” is client-speak for “don’t touch a thing.”

You can see all of the Freelance Follies video shorts at DearDrFreelance’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Valerie says

    Argh, too familiar. Complete with quote fingers, which often accompany “tweak,” “spruce” and other nonsense.

  2. Dr. Freelance says

    I truly was cracking up when I realized that xtranormal has a “quote fingers” animation. I do believe you’ve inspired me to do an entire Freelance Follies cartoon of euphemisms for “edit”—stay tuned! Suggestions welcome.