Friday freelance link roundup

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freelance roundupBefore we get into the freelance link roundup, a quick anecdote from the only real-life roundup I’ve ever been involved in. At the time, I was the managing editor at Golf Illustrated magazine, and my wife and I had been invited on a fam trip to the Flathead Lake region of Montana. (Absolutely gorgeous area. If you ever get the chance to go—take it!) Over the course of the weekend, we played golf and went whitewater rafting, and then spent a day on a dude ranch.

At the end of a long, dusty ride, it came time to get the little dogies along into their pen for the night. We were crossing an enormous pasture in the valley, and it was clear that our horses knew exactly what they were doing—without any input from their riders.

Well, it was clear to most of us. A tough-guy New Yorker, who’d clearly seen City Slickers too many times, shouted out, “Hey! Which way are we drivin’ ’em?!”

“We’re following those bulls,” my wife said, pointing at the horned herd that was headed inexorably to the feed bin, again with no input needed from us. The would-be wrangler’s face fell, crushed in recognition that we were not cowboys at all. Just as the ranch name indicated, were only a bunch of dudes.

With that, let’s get to the…

Freelance Link Roundup

Have a great weekend, cowboys and cowgirls!

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  1. says

    “Stylebook Fundamentalists”– ha! I just learned a great new term. And I shall give them a wide berth. Good links, and I enjoyed the Don’t Bother The Horse story– thanks, Jake! : )

  2. says

    Thanks, Mark. “We’re following these bulls” has become our family shorthand for any time you *think* you’re doing something worthwhile, but you actually have no influence on the outcome whatsoever.