Freelance link roundup: Get paid, boomerang clients, and more

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Busy day to cap off a busy week, so it’s time to break out the ol’ link roundup. (OK, I’ll be honest, I played hooky to be a scorekeeper for my daughter’s golf tournament Wednesday morning.) Without further ado…

Get paid. It may not be the only reason you’re in a creative business, but this might be the most popular topic among freelance writers and designers. “Dealing with late payment of invoices – getting over the awkwardness” caught my eye initially because of the clever Venn diagram. But the overarching point is an excellent one: taking the emotion out of collecting your fee.

Get paid more.  “Why Freelance Writers Get Paid Less Than Web Designers” is an equally solid reality check, offering a sound strategy on what you need to do to attract high paying freelance jobs. (Hat tip to Fiona Robertson, a UK-based graphic designer whose blog is also a good read.)

The boomerang client. You don’t have to be in the business long before you encounter a client who’s been burned by inferior freelance writers. Jenn Mattern’s “Why Clients Come Back After Going the Cheap Route” provides an object lesson in why even a low-ball offer from a prospective client should be handled professionally and politely.

The blue boat. I bookmarked this one a while ago: “The blue boat.” I won’t spoil the punchline, but again, a common client syndrome that we’ll all deal with at some point. (I shared an old war story in the comments.)

Here comes the judge. No one likes a grammar scold, but most of us probably hate politicians more. In “Now There Are Some Sentences for You,” a judge does an exquisite takedown of an impenetrable piece of legislative prose.

Back to hell. My Father’s Day post, “Why you need a go to hell fund,” seemed to strike a chord with people — thank you for all the tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn links and Google plusses!  In “Freelance Writers: Why You Need a ‘Go to Hell’ Fund,” Yuwanda Black extends the principle into why such a fund can be helpful prior to taking the freelance leap.

Have a spectacular weekend!

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    You’re very welcome, Jenn and Yuwanda. And Lori, it’s an unusual tactic –and admittedly easier for designers to implement than writers — but specific client challenges can make it quite effective.