Friday freelancing link roundup

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This week’s Friday freelancing link roundup has a theme of sorts, spun out of a lunch discussion with one of my longtime creative partners yesterday, who ditched the ad agency world at about the same time I went solo.

Without further ado…

My Main Goal in Six Words. Simply and elegantly put. Sure you need goals and action plans, but what’s the deeper reason you do what you do?

America: A Nation of Permanent Freelancers and Temps. What caught my eye here is a little down the page, where the author talks about self employment having once had a stigma—which is now being removed. I’d like to think that’s the case; it probably is, as long as you act like a business, not something you’re doing in between corporate jobs.

The Challenges of Working as a Solo PR Consultant. I don’t agree with the author on everything he’s said (particularly about vacations or isolation, both of which *are* under our control!), but it’s a solid reality check on the highs, lows, and goals of independence. The comments are interesting, too. H/T to my buddy Nat Handler for the link.

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