How to price freelance writing for social media

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Dr. Freelance’s key points on how to price freelance writing for social media:

  • Creating a Facebook Fan page or Tweeting for clients isn’t rocket science, but it remains an unknown quantity in many respects.
  • You need to consider shelf life and return on investment for your client when you price freelance writing for social media.
  • A not-to-exceed estimate can reassure a wary client.
  • Jake is CPR and first-aid certified, but he is NOT a licensed physician and this should NOT be construed as medical advice. Contact your local healthcare provider or, in case of emergency, dial 911.
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  1. says

    LOVE the “Doctor is IN” – hilarious! As for your advice- that is great advice since Social Media can take as much time or as little time as you dedicate to it. Researching and crafting Twitter and Facebook posts effectively can take some time. I use the measurement of – a tweet that gets RETWEETED and a FB post that gets SHARED means you are putting out good content that your community likes. When there are no RTs or SHARES…well, you’d better call the doctor! :))

  2. Dr. Freelance says

    That’s an excellent additional point, Gina—you absolutely need to establish some sort of measurable result metric. Makes the client happy and gives you proof of what you’ve done…and that provides you leverage.

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with Gina’s “Gettin’ Geeky” videos, check ’em out: She’s created more than 50 short, very funny clips for the not-technically-inclined to embrace their inner geek—tons of tips and tricks on social media, technologies and helpful gadgets.