Thoughts on the Mode Media bankruptcy

mode media bankruptcyIt’s a strange feeling to have a blog post go viral and wish it hadn’t. That was my experience on Friday, when I checked Google Analytics and saw a huge surge in traffic to my post about what to do when a freelance client files for bankruptcy. I subsequently went to Twitter, and found the cause: the Mode Media bankruptcy announcement on September 15. [Note: I am using “bankruptcy” loosely not legally here, as in “they’ve shut down and aren’t paying their creditors.” The company hasn’t yet filed for legal protection, but that would seem a likely path forward according to this article.] [Read more…]

When a freelance client files bankruptcy

freelance client bankruptcyI started to get suspicious when a reliable freelance client still hadn’t paid their invoice after 60 days and several follow-ups. My left eye started to twitch when I discovered both of my main contacts had been let go. Yesterday, after several voicemails and emails of second and third notices, I got my answer: They’re filing for bankruptcy. It wasn’t a huge invoice, a couple hundred dollars, but it was a reminder from the universe that there’s no such thing as risk-free freelancing. [Read more…]

When bad things happen to good freelancers

A large percentage of freelancing problems arise because of self-inflicted errors — shooting too low on project estimates, ignoring warning signs of a client-from-hell, overbooking ourselves into a cascade of concurrent deadlines. But sometimes bad things happen to good freelancers due to circumstances beyond our control. How you handle those setbacks is critical to your mental well-being as well as your business success.

Scenario #1: Your client doesn’t like the work you’ve presented. We’ve all had it happen — you think you’ve written a brilliant feature story, designed a knockout website, created a fantastic logo, brainstormed a clever ad campaign. You hit SEND with the utmost confidence, eager to hear how much the client loves it. And then you get the call: “Well, it’s not really what we were looking for.” After picking up the shattered pieces of your ego, what’s the next step? [Read more…]