Halley’s Client, Schrödinger’s Project, and other freelance phenomena

halleys client and schrodingers projectI received an email this week from a client that I assumed I’d never hear from again. It hadn’t been a bad breakup, simply that my main contact left and her replacement had different freelance writers in her stable. With a whopping six-year gap between communications (a personal record), I was reminded of one of my favorite freelance phenomena: Halley’s client, you know, the clients that enter into your orbit only once in a great while. They’re not a bad thing, but don’t exactly provide dependable income, either. [Read more…]

Freelance Follies: It Depends

I don’t have all the answers, but do pride myself on providing ideas, tactics and strategies that can help you in your freelance career. The below video is *not* one of those times.

Thanks to Cathy Miller of Simply Stated Business, whose comment on a post a few weeks ago prompted me to get back into the video “studio.”

Can’t see the video? Please go here: Freelance Follies: “It Depends.”

Freelance Follies: What’s a good direct-mail response rate?

Direct mail isn’t an exact science, and response rates can vary with the premium offered, the number of postcards mailed, the frequency of mailings, not to mention the quality of the creative concept and the copywriting. Of course, none of that will stop a client from wanting to know: “What’s a good direct-mail response rate?”

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Freelance Follies: How much is it going to cost?

Just realized that I’d never posted Episode #3 of Freelance Follies to this site, only to YouTube. So, enjoy “How much is it going to cost?”, in which our freelance writer protagonist encounters a website content client who’s just a wee bit focused on the bottom line.

COMING SOON! New episode coming later today or early tomorrow, as I patiently wait for Xtranormal to render the piece into HD.

Guest posts at Freelance-Zone and Words on the Page

I’m cooking up some new Dr. Freelance posts in the next few days, including a new episode of “Freelance Follies,” but wanted to share a guest posts in the meantime: At Lori Widmer’s Words on the Page, “Are Women Better Freelancers?” I give my best attempt at gracefully addressing gender in freelancing. What’s your opinion, either as a freelance creative, or as a client or editor?

Check it out, please add your comments, and I highly recommend RSSing to Lori’s blog, one of my favorites in the freelanceosphere.