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Dr. Freelance webinars offer current, actionable education for freelancers who are just starting out, or veterans who want to up their game in specific business strategies. Attendees of paid sessions have access to archived webinar content for future reference.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Freelance Marketing…but Were Afraid To Ask

Date: TBD
Format: GoToWebinar
Duration: 45 minutes
Cost: FREE!

This FREE webinar will be a 100% Q&A session with Jake Poinier and freelance marketing expert Lori Widmer of the renowned Words on the Page blog. During the session, we’ll answer as many questions as we can on the marketing topics of your choice, from cold-calling and letters of introduction to websites and social media.

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The Science, Art, and Voodoo of Freelance Pricing

Date: TBD
Format: GoToWebinar
Duration: 1 hour

Strategic pricing of your services isn’t just a matter of throwing out a number and praying a client says “yes.” In this webinar, instructor Jake Poinier walks you through the critical steps of formulating your price structure and presenting your estimates in the most persuasive manner possible.

Learning objectives:

  • How to create estimates that provide maximum sales impact and negotiating leverage
  • Why project pricing almost always trumps hourly rates
  • When it’s time to raise your rates–and how to do it
  • Avoiding the danger zone with slow-paying and nickel-and-dime clients
  • Overcoming objections–without discounting your fees

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More Referrals, Better Business

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Format: GoToWebinar
Duration: 1 hour

Doing an outstanding job for your clients is just one aspect of cultivating referrals for your business. In “More Referrals, Better Business,” instructor Jake Poinier offers a strategic approach to generating more word-of-mouth projects.

Learning objectives:

  • The best ways and right times to ask for referrals-without resorting to a hard sell
  • The hidden psychological power of pitching yourself as “by referral only”
  • The key referral sources that every editorial freelancer needs to cultivate
  • Not only are referrals higher-quality leads, they also have a much better likelihood of becoming long-term clients—and delivering additional referred business.

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Attendee Testimonials

“Jake did a good job explaining pricing and estimating clearly, and had a firm command of the content. He was an expert, but down to earth. It was an insightful presentation and the question and answer session was helpful.”

I just listened to your webinar on referrals and want to say thank you for explaining how to go through the process without feeling phony. Your point about timing is especially well taken. I’ll make this a natural part of my business from now on!”

“I think more pep talks on these subjects would be good for freelancers. I think the psychology of charging what you’re worth, and the confidence building, is as valuable as the basic mechanics of how or why.”