Impostor syndrome and freelance creatives

Video transcript: Today, I want to discuss impostor syndrome. (Note: You’ll also see it also spelled imposter syndrome, or cited as impostor phenomenon or fraud syndrome.) It’s not a new subject, but I’ve seen a big uptick in mentions about it among freelance creatives over the course of the past few months, and a Google Trends search indicates that a lot more people are searching the term. What is imposter syndrome? It’s not just a lack of confidence—it’s the feeling that you’re going to get found out, that maybe you’re not as good as you portray yourself, or that somehow you’re inferior to other people in what you do.  [Read more…]

Different freelance prices for different industries

Wanted to do a quick video followup on a post earlier this week that talked about how you shouldn’t assume a smaller company within a given industry is going to command a lower price than a larger company in that same industry.


The reason I bring this up is that I do believe you should price your services differently based on different industries. As an example, a few weeks ago I was at a networking meeting with a group of other small business owners, and the featured presenter was the former CEO of a large industrial metals company. They produced everything from automotive steel to aerospace materials to fine-grade machine tools. His comment was that they priced differently by sector, region, and country, and they would have been foolish to do otherwise. [Read more…]

Freelance Follies: It Depends

I don’t have all the answers, but do pride myself on providing ideas, tactics and strategies that can help you in your freelance career. The below video is *not* one of those times.

Thanks to Cathy Miller of Simply Stated Business, whose comment on a post a few weeks ago prompted me to get back into the video “studio.”

Can’t see the video? Please go here: Freelance Follies: “It Depends.”

Freelance Follies: What’s a good direct-mail response rate?

Direct mail isn’t an exact science, and response rates can vary with the premium offered, the number of postcards mailed, the frequency of mailings, not to mention the quality of the creative concept and the copywriting. Of course, none of that will stop a client from wanting to know: “What’s a good direct-mail response rate?”

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