Freelance Consulting

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Jake Poinier - Freelance Consulting

Preventive Medicine and Cures for Your Business Problems

Jake Poinier offers several consulting options for freelancers as well as clients who hire them. Book an appointment for as little as 15 minutes, or an “on-call” consulting package for assistance anytime, anywhere.

Want More and Better Freelance Jobs?

Whether you want more clients, better-paying clients, or just a healthier all-around freelance business, Dr. Freelance specializes in diagnosing your current situation and getting you back in action. From starting up a freelance career to managing challenging client relationships, you’ll get solid, professional advice.

Want To Get the Most Out of Your Creative Freelancers?

Boomvang CreativeManaging independent creatives isn’t the same as your day-to-day employees, and Dr. Freelance can help you understand the motivational and psychological strategies that actually work. If you’re a creative director, editor, manager, or small-business owner in need of skilled professional freelance writers, editors, designers, photographers, or illustrators, Jake can also help you network to find the best person for the job.

Need a Speaker on Writing, Editing, or Publishing Topics?

Jake has made presentations to the American Society of Training and Development Writers Workshop, Editorial Freelancers Association, National Speakers Association, and most recently was the keynote speaker at the Communication Central annual conference, “Be a Better Freelancer.” He is available to speak to gatherings of any size—from local groups to larger conferences—on topics such as pricing, referrals, general freelance business, or working with creative freelancers.

Talk to the Doc

Want to learn more about how Dr. Freelance can help you or your business? Drop him a line at doc (at) doctorfreelance (dot) com.

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