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Help! I’m underpricing my freelance rates

Dr. Freelance: You have probably heard this before, but I constantly look at the going freelance rates for a project on one of the industry rate charts, add up the average per page/word costs, then think, […]

Friday freelance link roundup

Before we get into the freelance link roundup, a quick anecdote from the only real-life roundup I’ve ever been involved in. At the time, I was the managing editor at Golf Illustrated magazine, and my […]

New book on work-life balance for the self-employed

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce publication of the first book in the Dr. Freelance Advisor Guide series: Juggling on a High Wire: The Art of Work-Life Balance When You’re Self-Employed, by Laura Poole. (Available on […]

The top 4 freelancer pet peeves

There are plenty of things to love about freelancing: freedom, flexibility, and those splendid days when you get 2 or 3 checks in the mail. But what about those times when things don’t run so smoothly? […]

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