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Editing rates and negotiating

Dr. Freelance: I was approached by a successful entrepreneur and aspiring author who’s written a massive book about his industry. I initially gave him my editing rates in an hourly rate (a mistake, I know!), and he […]

You need to watch your own tail

On Halloween night a few years back, a young girl dressed as a lion marched up to my wife on our front patio and said, “My mom says that you shouldn’t have candles in your pumpkin, […]

The need for speed [in freelance writing]

Dr. Freelance: I’ve been offered $0.10 a word, for a total of $9350, between now and December 30 to provide writing content for five different websites. No two sentences can be the same. I’m trying to […]

When editors make misteaks

Dr. Freelance, I submitted an error-free article to a magazine, only to discover that mistakes were added to it sometime before publication! Since I’m relatively new to freelance writing, this is particularly embarrassing and painful, since […]

Help! I’m underpricing my freelance rates

Dr. Freelance: You have probably heard this before, but I constantly look at the going freelance rates for a project on one of the industry rate charts, add up the average per page/word costs, then think, […]

Friday freelance link roundup

Before we get into the freelance link roundup, a quick anecdote from the only real-life roundup I’ve ever been involved in. At the time, I was the managing editor at Golf Illustrated magazine, and my […]

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