Losing a loyal freelance client

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When you hear you’re losing a loyal freelance client or editor to a new job, your first thoughts are probably something along the lines of “Oh, no! What if I lose the business to the replacement’s pet freelancer? How am I going to make up for the lost income? Has all my good work over the years been squandered?”

Take a deep breath. And then click over to my new Freelance-Zone.com post, “Losing a loyal client.”

Just as it happened to me, losing a loyal freelance client happens to all of us — no matter how strong a given relationship is, you also are dependent on your contacts’ relationships with their own companies. The truth is, someone going somewhere else can make this a new business opportunity, rather than a doomsday moment. And it’s an ever-present reminder that diversifying your business — and not being dependent on a single anchor project or company — can be a critical component of your financial health.

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