Friday freelance link roundup

freelance link roundupDeadlines and a pile of long-term projects absorbed my energies this week, but there’s always time for a Friday freelance link roundup, eh? Truth be told, not all of these are about freelancing directly—as I always recommend, you should have an eye out for related concepts that can be applied to your business. If you’re a freelance writer and only read freelance writing blogs, or a freelance graphic designer who only reads (you know where I’m going here) blogs about design, you’re missing out! [Read more…]

Required writing: Do I really need a blog?

Dr. Freelance, I’ve been blogging for a few months. I usually enjoy it, but it’s a bit frustrating to pour my heart and soul into something and then have practically no traffic and certainly no new clients to show for it. As a writer, I know it’s something that people expect, but I’m close to concluding it’s not worth the effort. Am I missing something? Do I really need a blog just because I write for a living?–Bloggers Anonymous [Read more…]