Freelance project deposits aren’t just about the money

freelance project depositsDr. Freelance: Like you, I prefer to give prospective clients a range estimate. But once they accept it, what number do I use to determine the amount for freelance project deposits? I’ve heard anywhere from 30-50%—I’m feeling comfortable with 35%, personally—but 35% of what? The low end? The mean? Probably *not* the high end.—Rachel [Read more…]

Is it time to diversify your freelance business?

freelance business incomeSince you’re already knee-deep in numbers, tax time is an ideal point to take an honest look at your freelance business—not just the top-line income number, but a client-by-client breakdown. The numbers don’t lie, and they could be flashing a warning signal that it’s time to diversify your freelance business. As suggested in last week’s post, client diversity is your best business defense against a freelance client bankruptcy or financial trouble, but there are other reasons to take a dive into the data. [Read more…]

Is your freelance client serious? Here’s the test

serious freelance clientDr. Freelance: I have a prospective freelance client — an author who needs his book edited — and he appears to have the money and desire to hire me. He keeps pressing me for a price estimate, but I haven’t seen the manuscript, just one sample chapter that I edited. I’m concerned about extrapolating, because it’s a long book and I’m not sure of the overall quality. What’s my next step?—Hurry Up and Wait [Read more…]

Friday freelance link roundup

freelance link roundupHaven’t done a Friday freelance link roundup in ages, so let’s giddyup! Here’s rundown on a few thought-provoking blog posts I came across during the past week:

6 Ways to Prove Your Writing Chops to Prospects. “No matter how long you’ve been at this, you’re only as good as that one line item clients want to see.” Lori Widmer dives into one of the common challenges that affects veteran freelance writers and graphic designers as well as those who are new to the game: a client who requests samples specific to their industry—and you don’t have anything in your portfolio to do the trick. [Read more…]

Free ebook: The Smooth-Sailing Freelancer

The Smooth-Sailing FreelancerI’m pleased to announce the launch of the newest Dr. Freelance Guide: The Smooth-Sailing Freelancer—How To Find, Sell, and Retain More Freelance Business. For a limited time, I’m offering it as a free ebook…simply go to this page to download your copy. (It’s a 40-page pdf, no e-reader required. There’s also a Kindle version, if you prefer.)

Rest assured, you don’t have to know a bow from a stern or port from starboard to understand the strategies inside. [Read more…]